About Us

Our Staff

The Federal Defender is assisted by approximately 30 Assistant Federal Defenders who represent clients at all stages of federal court proceedings. Our Assistant Defenders have successfully represented clients at levels ranging from federal magistrate court up to the United States Supreme Court. Every Assistant Defender is admitted to the United States District Court for the Northern District of Texas. And our appellate attorneys are all licensed to appear before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit as well as before the United States Supreme Court. We also employ extremely talented paralegals, case investigators, and IT support persons.

Our paralegals provide direct case support to the attorneys while also interacting directly with our clients and clients' families.

Our investigators have many years of experience in the public and private sectors and they receive constant training to stay current in forensic analysis across a variety of fields. They do the "legwork" to review evidence and to develop our own evidence in cases.

Our IT personnel work with all of our attorneys and support staff to ensure that they maximize technology in order to achieve the best result for our clients.

Teamwork is critical to our operation. Every trial court attorney will call upon an investigator, a paralegal, and appellate attorneys to staff a case. We use this team approach to ensure that we provide focused and tailored resources on a given case. Our teams work together to provide comprehensive representation to our clients. We conduct thorough investigations, diligently counsel and advise our clients about their options, and fight vigorously through motion practice and at trial. If our clients are convicted, we turn our advocacy toward sentencing and develop the most effective legal and factual arguments to obtain the best possible outcome. If a conviction and sentence occurs we will evaluate a client's case with an eye toward appeal. Our appellate attorneys are extremely experienced; each has argued numerous times at the circuit court of appeals; and three of our appellate attorneys have argued cases before the United States Supreme Court.

Our Locations

The Federal Defender for the Northern District of Texas encompasses a territory that includes the counties surrounding the cities of Dallas, Ft. Worth, Lubbock, and Amarillo. The Defender's territory covers 7 federal divisions (Dallas: Wichita Falls; Amarillo; Lubbock; San Angelo; Abilene; and Fort Worth). The Defender maintains 4 staffed offices: Dallas, Fort Worth, Lubbock, and Amarillo.