Client Resources

Below you will find links to useful resources including the Bureau of Prison's inmate locator, answers to frequently asked questions regarding the return of property and personal items and the timeline of a federal case. This information is intended to help guide family members and our clients at the various stages of a federal criminal case. After reviewing this page, you should have an understanding of how we defend cases and how you can assist us in the effective representation of our clients.

Locating an Individual after Arrest

The first place to start in locating an individual after an arrest is the US Marshal's office ( The US Marshals maintain several locations in our district. Their offices can confirm that an individual was indeed arrested, inform you as to the next court date and also provide information on where or she is being detained.

Individuals detained at a United States Bureau of Prisons facility may often be located using the inmate locator tool at

Obtaining Personal Property Taken during an Arrest

Arresting officers often take our clients' personal property into their possession when executing an arrest order. This property can include vehicles, jewelry, cash, telephones, computers, etc. Sometimes, the government intends to make this property part of their case and hold it as evidence. Other times, they merely take custody of it to secure the property during an arrest.

When the property is not held as evidence, an arresting agency (i.e., DEA, ICE, FBI) often will release the property to clients or family members who appear to claim it within 30 days of the arrest. Other times, the agency will initiate formal proceedings to seize the property. Our office can help in determining whether the property is being held as evidence or not. We do not, however, have the resources to retrieve and store property on behalf of clients. This part of a criminal case is where a family member's assistance is often appreciated.

Timeline of a Federal Criminal Case (Click on a topic to expand)