NOTICE: Registration has been reopened for an additional 120 seats. Please follow the instructions below in order to register for the seminar.

When:                                   Wednesday July 22, 2020 & Wednesday August 12, 2020

Where:                                  Zoom Webinar

Presented By:                        Federal Public Defender Northern District of Texas

Seminar Highlights:             The State Bar of Texas MCLE Department is expected to approve this
                                                seminar for 15 hours CLE, including up to 3 hours of Ethics


JULY 22 (Fundamentals) -- 300 SEATS

AUGUST 12 (Advanced) -- 300 SEATS

Information for CJA Attorneys
First Steps: Appointment, Detention, and Discovery
De-mystifying DOJ: Profiling the Profilers*

Technology and Mental Heath for Lawyers*
Plea Negotiations
The Guidelines: A "How To"
Sentencing and Mitigation
How Not to Preserve Error

First Step Act
Supreme Court & Fifth Circuit Update

Grouping Under 3D
Ethical Representation in the Age of Corona*
Meth Sentencing Disparities
Relevant Conduct
Thinking Outside the Box
Making an Informed Designation Request
Why We Do What We Do*

*indicates Ethics presentation

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Cost:                     Free


Registration:        Online Registration: Complete the online registration form (link below)
                                                     Questions: contact Charnese Toro @ (214) 767-2746


NOTE: Seating is limited to 300 seats for each seminar day.

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