2019 Annual CLE Course Materials

Initial Appearance
Presenters: Michael Lehmann & Brooke Antonio
Wednesday - 8:30am
Materials here.

Appeal Waivers
Presenter: Shery Kime-Goodwin
Wednesday - 9:45am
Materials here.

The Art of the Deal
Presenters: Lara Wynn & Sarah Gunter
Wednesday - 10:45am
Materials here.

Best Practices for Dealing with Stress
Presenter: Kate Casey
Wednesday - 12:00pm
Materials here.

Sentence Computation
Presenters: Lauren Woods & Charles Bleil
Wednesday - 1:00pm
Materials here.

Prior Conviction Enhancements
Presenters: Gabi Vega & Brandon Beck
Wednesday - 2:15pm
Materials here.

The Fourth Amendment and Interdiction
Presenter: Bonnie Gunden
Wednesday - 3:15pm
Materials here.

High Interest Items in the Northern District of Texas
Presentesr: Jason Hawkins & Camille Knight
Thursday - 8:30am
Materials here.

The First Step Act
Presenter: Adam Nicholson
Thursday - 9:00am
Presentation here.
First Step Act FAQs here.
First Step Act Summary here.
First Step Act Questionnaire here.
First Step Act Brochure here.
BOP Program Statement here.
Compassionate Release here.

Competent, Sane, Neither, or Both
Presenter: John Nicholson
Thursday - 1:00pm
Materials here.